NESET experts


      Sevda Bekman

Professor of Education, Department of Primary Education, Boğaziçi University


Research Area:early childhood intervention,  investigating the effectiveness of home and center-based early childhood education programs that target children in poverty.


          Hans-Peter Blossfeld

Professor of Sociology, Department of Political and Social Sciences (SPS), European University Institute


Research Area: Life Course Research, Educational Sociology, Sociology of the Family, Sociology of Labour Markets, Stratification, Class, and Mobility; Statistical Methods (in particular Event History Analysis and Panel Analysis); Cross-National Comparative Research; Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods.

Affiliations: Hans-Peter Blossfeld holds the Chair of Sociology I at Bamberg University and is the Director of the Institute of Longitudinal Studies in Education (Institut für bildungswissenschaftliche Längsschnittstudien – INBIL), the Principal Investigator of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS), and the Director of the State Institute for Family Research at Bamberg University (Staatsinstitut für Familienforschung an der Universität Bamberg - ifb).



 Gerhard Bosch

Professor of Sociology at the University of Duisburg-Essen


Research area:pay and employment trends in Germany and comparisons with other OECD countries. Specialist themes include low-wage work, minimum wages, working time and training issues

Affiliations: Director of the Institute for Work, Skills and Training (IAQ)


     Pepka Boyadjieva

Professor at the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge and member of the General Assembly of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Research area: Sociology of higher education; Education, science and modernization; Different models of relationships between university and society; Lifelong learning

Affiliations: Pepka Boyadjieva is professor at the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge and member of the General Assembly of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She is also Honorary Professor of Sociology of Education, University of Nottingham and Academic Associate at the Centre for Advanced Studies, Sofia. Boyadjieva has been lecturing at the University of Sofia and the NBU. She is editorial correspondent of the Journal of Lifelong Education and member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Social Science Education. In 2007 Boyadjieva was selected for Fulbright’s New Century Scholar Program on higher education in the 21st c.

  Mark Bray 

UNESCO Chair Professor in Comparative Education, The University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Research Area: Planning of education; issues of equity, costs and financing




         Simon Burgess

Professor of Economics University of Bristol


Research Area:Research within an economics framework on poverty, unemployment, education, incentives in the public sector, and local area effects. Labour economics and poverty. Currently working on: an economic model of poverty dynamics, empirical models of incentives in organisations, the role of markets in education and health, unemployment and gross job and worker flows. Also working on spatial issues in labour markets.

   John Bynner

Emeritus Professor of Social Sciences in Education, Institute of Education,  University of London

England, UK   


Research Area: Longitudinal and Life course Studies

Affiliations: Society for Longitudinal and Life Course  Studies (SLLS), Royal Statistics Society (RSS), British Educational Research Association (BERA), Royal Society of Arts (RSA), Longview Trustee. Executive Editor Longitudinal and Life course Studies International Journal


   Claire Callender

Professor of Higher Education Policy, Birkbeck, University of London and Professor of Higher Education Studies, Institute of Education, University of London

England, UK

Research Area: Higher Education Policy, student funding and finances, part-time students

Affiliations: Academy of Social Sciences, Society for Research into Higher Education, Social Policy Association


         Giovanna Campani

Professor of Intercultural Pedagogy, Department of Education, University of Florence


Research Area: Intercultural education and educational systems, international migration, ethnic relations and gender issues

Affiliations:Scientific Coordinator of the D.G. Research-Project, Minority Languages and Ethnic Mobilisation. Participated in the DAPHNE Project MinorMig-Unaccompanied Minor Migrants as Vulnerable Group (1999-2001). Worked extensively in the field of women and immigration, participating, among others, in the The European Union Against Racism Project: MultiDis – Multilevel Discrimination of Muslim Women in Europe (2000).

   Miranda Christou

Assistant Professor in Sociology of Education Department of Education, University of Cyprus


Research Area:role of educational systems in shaping questions of history and collective memory, the pedagogical function of the media in representations of human pain and suffering and the cultural implications of globalized educational systems

    Mary Darmanin

Associate Professor at Department of Education Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Malta


Research Areas:Research on ICT and higher education policy-making. Gender issues in education and women in the labour market.



     Marc Demeuse

Professor at the Department of Psychology and Educational Science Université de Mons-Hainaut


Research Areas:Educational policies, assessment, teacher training, science education

    Paul Downes

Director, Educational Disadvantage Centre, Senior Lecturer in Education (Psychology), St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra, Dublin City University



Research Area: Educational Disadvantage, Early School Leaving, Access to Education, Lifelong learning, Multidisciplinary teams, Minorities' Education, Drug Prevention

Affiliations: Visiting Research Fellow, University of Cambridge, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law (2011); Advisor, Access initiative study, University of Malta, Euro Centre for Educational Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health (2011-2012); Member of Board of Directors, Ana Liffey Drug Project (2002-2012) and Tolka Area Partnership (2010-2012)


 Jaap Dronkers

Professor of Educational Performance and Social Inequality, Maastricht University


Research Areas: causes and consequences of unequal educational and occupational attainment, changes in educational opportunities, effect-differences between public and religious schools, the educational and occupational achievement of migrants from different origins and in various countries of destination, the linkages between school and the labour market, the effects of parental divorce on children, cross-national differences in causes of divorce, education of Dutch elites, and European nobility

Marie Duru-Bellat

Professor of Sociology at Sciences Po, Paris


Research interests:educational policy and social and sexual inequality in the school system in France and in Europe. Perception and the legitimization of inequality in France and throughout the world.


 Anne Edwards

Director, Department of Education, University of Oxford

England, UK

Research interests: inter-professional collaboration; social inclusion of children, young people and families;  the role of schools and schooling in preventing exclusion; and individual learning and organisational change.

Ramon Flecha

Full University Professor, University of Barcelona, Department of Sociological Theory, Philosophy of Law and Methodology of the Social Sciences



Research interests: analyses of educational strategies that contribute to overcome inequalities and promote social cohesion and educational strategies that generate social exclusion, particularly focusing on vulnerable and marginalised groups; real alternatives to the capitalist economy

Some affiliations: Doctor Honoris Causa in 2007 by the University of Vest Timisoara. Expert in the Committee of the Social Sciences and Humanities Area of the 7th Framework Proramme of research from the European Union nominated by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation;  Member of the Editorial Board of the REIS (Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas), [ISI-JCR, Q4]


     Daniel Frandji

Maître de conférences en sociologie. Ecole Normale supérieur de Lyon  (ENS de Lyon), French Institut of Education (IFE), Laboratoire Triangle.



Research interests  sociology  of education, sociology of knowledge, school inequalities processes,  educational policies


Georges Felouzis

Professor of Sociology of Education Policy at the University of Geneva


Research interests: the evaluation of educational policies, ethnic segregation in schools and its impact on educational inequality, student pathways in universities



Guadalupe Francia

Associated Professor, Department of Education, Uppsala University


Research interests: Equity in relation to Equality Standards and Assessment claims; Free Choice and Diversity; Social and Cultural Justice and Intertextuality in the analysis of Education Policies and Reforms


Gábor Halász

Head of Centre for Higher Education Management,  ELTE University Budapest, Faculty of Education and Psychology.



Research Area: Education policy; governance of education; comparative education; higher education; EU integration and education


   Francesca Gobbo

Professor of Intercultural Education at University of Turin


Research Area:contemporary educational issues from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective that combines educational theory with methodological and theoretical approaches from the fields of cultural anthropology and anthropology of education. cultural and social changes obtaining in complex societies (particularly in the North America and in European countries) and in their schools


Stephen Gorard

Professor of Education and Well-being, and Fellow of the Wolfson Research Institute at Durham University, and Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Birmingham

England, UK

Research Area: Stephen Gorard is an international expert in five main areas of education as a lifelong and society-wide process. These are the nature of school intakes, attainment at school, wider school outcomes, post-compulsory participation in learning of all kinds, and the methods of social science investigation. In each area, his main concern is with describing and overcoming inequality. His central approach is laying bare and understanding inequality, in a political arithmetic tradition of the sociology of education. However, he conducts studies using any design and method, as appropriate, from rapid evidence syntheses to the evaluation of complex interventions. He has published widely, with around 20 books and hundreds of papers, is regularly asked to give advice to governments, and his research is frequently covered by the media.

Affiliations: Member of AERA and BERA, elected academician of the Academy of Social Sciences, principal methods expert for Institute of Education Science, member of ESSRC Grants panel.


David Greger

Senior Researcher at Faculty of Education,  Charles University, Prague

Czech Republic

Research Areas:Comparative education, particularly in the characteristics of education systems and policy interventions that may reduce achievements gaps.


   Friedrich Heckmann

Director of the European forum for migrations studies (efms), Institute at the University of Bamberg



Research Areas: Migration, Integration, Evaluation, Sociology of education

Affiliations: German Society of Sociology, IMISCOE



 Inger Hojer

Professor in Social work, Department of Social Work, University of Gothenburg


Research Areas: Children and families. Child welfare. Foster care. Young people leaving care.

Affiliations:Member of the research program Parenting and Childhood in Modern Family Cultures, led by professor Margareta Bäck-Wiklund.Collaboration with Thomas Coram Research Unit in London (see the YIPPEE project).Member of the International Research Network on Transitions to Adulthood from Care (INTRAC), led by professor Harriet Ward, Loughborough University, and professor Mike Stein, York University. The networks includes researchers from 16 different countries.Collaboration with researchers from East Anglia University, UK (professor Gillian Schofield) and Barnevernets Forskningssenter i Bergen (Toril Havik and Bente Moldestad)

   Sjoerd Karsten

University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

The Netherlands

Research:  Governance of educational Trajectories in Europe (7th EU Framework), Schools working conditions (in cooperation with Universities of Leuven, Birmingham, Kingston, Stockholm,  Marburg, Acores, Oslo & Helsinki), School choice and civic values (Brookings Institution and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USA), Vocational training for mentally handicapped (16-25 years olds) in Europe (Leonardo-project),  Citizenship Education in the 21st Century II: Future Teachers (Universities of Minnesota, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Hiroshima, Hokkaido, Taipe, Singapore and Hong Kong), Citizenship Education in the 21st Century I (Sasakawa foundation, Tokyo), Vocational training in underdeveloped regions (EU-project) , Faith-based schools compared (Spencer foundation, USA), The transition from school to work (EU-project),       Public accountability in Europe (Dutch Education Council) , Teacher training in Europe (Ministry of Education), National projects:  About 25 projects financed by several institutions (ministries, local authorities), subjects like vocational education, labour market integration, school segregation, and the policies for disadvantaged and migrant youth

Some relevant publications:   Karsten, S. (2010). School segregation. In OECD (eds), Equal opportunities. Children of Immigrants in the Labour Markets of OECD. Paris: OECD

Karsten, S., Felix, C., Ledoux, G., Meijnen, G. W., Roeleveld, J., & Van Schooten, E. (2005). Choosing segregation or integration? The extent and effects of ethnic segregation in Dutch cities. Education and Urban Society, 36,228-247.

Karsten, S. (2006). Policy for disadvantaged children under scrutiny: the Dutch policy compared with policies in England, France and the USA. Comparative Education, 42(2), 261-282.

  Ondrej Kascak

Chairman of the Department of Preschool and Primary Education,  Faculty of Education,  Trnava University. Senior research fellow at Centre for Research in Education at Institute for Research in Social Communication of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava.



Research interests: education policy, education and ideology, education and neoliberalism, governmental studies in education, Foucault and education, sociology of childhood, school ethnography

Ewart Keep

Cardiff University


  Marta Korintus

Director of Research, National Institute for Family and Social Policy (Nemzeti Csalad- es Szocialpolitikai Intezet)


Research Area: She participated in the OECD Thematic Review of Early Childhood Education and Care, and she was the Hungarian coordinator of EU funded, cross-national research projects, such as Care Work in Europe, which looked at the situation of care workers in some European countries; and YIPPEE, which studied the educational pathways of young people with a care background. In 2010; she was key expert on the ECEC sector for Bernard Brunhes International contracted by the European Commission Directorate- General Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities for the ‘Study on Social Services of General Interest.” She is the editor of the Hungarian edition of the magazine Children in Europe, and a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Childcare and Education Policy. Her present interests are: services for young children, leave policies, and balancing work and family life.

  Marek Kwiek

Director, Center for Public Policy Studies, Poznan University, Poznan,


Research Area: higher education research and policy, university governance, academic entreprenurialism, equity and access, higher edcuation legislation, academic profession studies

Affiliations: Editorial Board member, "Higher Education Quarterly" and "European Educational Research Journal"; general editor of the book series, "Higher Education Research and Policy" (Peter Lang).

   Judit Lannert

Managing director, Tárki-Tudok Inc. Centre for Knowledge Management and Educational Research Inc


Research Areas:empirical (both quantitative and qualitative) research in the field of school effectiveness, that of students progress and career aspirations and the transition process from school to work.



  Ben Levin

Professor and Canada Research Chair Theory and Policy Studies, OISE, University of Toronto


Main research project website:

Research interests: connecting research to policy and practice, poverty and equity issues, large scale improvement, secondary school improvement, effective use of resources

Trisha Maynard

Canterbury  Christ Church University


Research and Knowledge Exchange activities:  Current research - The Evaluation of the Foundation Phase for Wales: Working with colleagues at Cardiff University and the Welsh Institute for Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD), Trisha has recently begun a three-year evaluation of the 'Foundation Phase for Wales'. Trisha is co-directing the project which has been commissioned by the Welsh Government at the cost of over £1 million. The project also involves researchers from Swansea University and Manchester University.



Sandra McNally

London School of Economics, University of London



    Nikos Paizis

Scientific Consultant, Centre for the Development of Education Policy (KANEP/GSEE)


Research interests:  Educational Policy, Education and Culture initiatives, Arts in Primary Education. Scientific Director and co-author of the “Annual Reports on Education” (KANEP/GSEE 2010 and 2011) which highlights the basic quantitative figures of Greek education system .



    Marcelo Parreira do Amaral

Associate Researcher, University of Frankfurt, Department of Education, Frankfurt am Main


Main Project Website: ‘Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe (GOETE). Access, coping and relevance of education for young people in European knowledge societies in comparative perspective’

Research Interests: International comparative education, education policy, international educational governance and its implications for educational trajectories, in particular issues of access to and equity in education


Sally Power

Professorial Fellow at the School of Social Sciences Cardiff University

Wales, UK


Research Interests : focused on the relationship between education and inequality, and particularly social class differentiation, as well as the relative success and failure of education policies designed to promote greater equality of opportunity.  Extensive experience of research on the sociology of education and education policy, Sociology of education in general, Education and social class, Sociology of education policy, Sociology of the curriculum.

Co-Editor of the BSA journal Sociology and Chair of the British Educational Research Association’s Academic Publications Committee. Scientific Co-ordinator of NESET.

Cveta Pucko

University of Ljubljana




Jocey Quinn

Professor of Education, Plymouth University


Research Area: The social, cultural and public role of Higher Education, including widening participation, retention, curriculum transformation, mass participation of women, first generation entry and community engagement. Lifelong Learning in informal spaces and places, including work, community and nature. Links between informal learning and Higher Education.

Affiliations: Jocey is Head of Learning outside Formal Education at Plymouth University and Deputy Director of the Centre for Culture, Community and Society. She is a member of AERA and BERA and is on the editorial boards of Gender and Education, Journal of Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning and Policy Futures in Education.


       Carlo Raffo

Professor of Urban Education, Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester



Research Interests : include: educational inequality and policy interventions in urban contexts; the conceptual mapping of the links between education and poverty; identity and transition issues for young people in the new economies of the city; educational disaffection and the work-related curriculum; community orientated and full service extended schools; school leadership and social inclusion; European policies of priority education; educational area-based initiatives

Affiliations: British Educational Research Association, Society for Educational Studies, Editorial Board for Journal of Education Policy and British Journal of Educational Studies

Sheila Riddell

Director, Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity, University of Edinburgh,

Scotland, UK


Research interests: Sheila Riddell is Director of the Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity at the University of Edinburgh and was previously Director of the Strathclyde Centre for Disabiltiy Research at the University of Glasgow. Her research interests are in the broad area of equality and social inclusion with particular referernce to gender, disability and social class in the fields of education, training, employment and social care. Sheila is currently working on projects exploring lifelong learning and special education policy and practice across Europe.

Jean-Yves Rochex

Université Paris 8


Mitja Sardoc

Educational Research Institute, Ljubliana


Terri Seddon

Monash University


  Emer Smyth

Research Professor, Economic and Social Research Institute,


Research Area: School organisation and process; educational inequality; gender; longitudinal research; school to work transitions

Affiliations: Adjunct Professor, Trinity College Dublin; co-editor, Irish Educational Studies; committee member of the European Network on Transitions in Youth



Amy Stuart Wells

Professor, Sociology and Education Teachers College, Columbia University


Ronald G. Sultana

Director, Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research (EMCER), University of Malta, Msida MSD 2080, Malta; Founding Editor of the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies:



Research Areas: comparative education; education in the Mediterranean region; transition from school to work; career guidance; educational innovation; teacher education – List of publications at

Affiliations: University of Malta


Chris Taylor

Reader at Cardiff University



Research Interests

  • The geography of education
  • Education and neighbourhoods
  • School choice and diversity
  • Social justice and education policy
  • Participation in Higher and Further Education
  • Inter-disciplinary research methods
  • Combining qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Research capacity building

 Panos Tsakloglou

Athens University of Economics and Business


Research Area: Research focuses on questions of inequality, poverty, social exclusion, education economics (particularly private and social returns to education) and social policy (especially, the redistributive role of the state).

He has published over eighty articles in scholarly journals and contributions to collective volumes, participated in a large number of conferences and workshops and has been a partner in over forty international and national research and consultancy projects. He is Research Fellow of the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA, Bonn) and Senior Research Fellow of the Hellenic Observatory of the London School of Economics as well as a member of the Editorial Boards of the Review of Income and Wealth and the Journal of Economic Inequality.

Agnes van Zanten

Sciences Po


Richard Vaughan Teese

University of Melbourne


Dylan Wiliam

Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment, Institute of Education, University of London,

England, UK

Research Area: educational assessment and measurement, teacher professional development, mathematics education

Affiliations: Academy of Social Sciences (academician),American Educational Research Association (member), American Psychological Association (member), Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (member), British Psychological Society (member), International Testing Commission (member), National Council on Measurement and Education (member), Phi Delta Kappan (member), Royal Society of Arts (Fellow)

     Andreas Walther

University of Frankfurt am Main, Department of Education, Institute of Social Pedagogy and Adult Education



Research interests: Youth research, transitions in the life course, child and youth welfare while a special interest are international comparative analysis in social pedagogy and youth transitions.

Affiliations: Coordinator of the European research network EGRIS (European Group for Integrated Social Research); Member of the editorial board of the journals DISKURS Kindheits- und Jugendforschung and COMUNITANIA.

Geoff Whitty

Professor of Public Sector Policy and Management, University of Bath

England, UK

Research Area: Education policy, sociology of education, curriculum

Affiliations: Director Emeritus, Institute of Education, University of London